Hosanna LA Programs

Hosanna provides a number of educational and extracurricular programs to better serve the community.


After School Programs

Our after school programs serve 60-100 children each day. In addition to assisting with homework, we cultivate the reading, writing, math, and computer skills that our children need. We have facilities that accommodate a diverse atmosphere: a full computer lab loaded with educational software/games, 3 classrooms, music lab, video game room. We also have a playground with a basketball court, swings, jumping gym and other various equipment.

We put our most of our resources into our program - we give away candy, snacks and prizes EVERYDAY to these young kids. It also helps keep them off these dangerous streets here in Watts. We are consistently looking for people to come and help our kids after school. Please inquire with us if interested on our Contact page!

The C.O.W.

The COW, Computers On Wheels, are converted school busses that have computers and musical equipment in them. Through the COW, we can reach many students right outside their door.  Parents often come and learn with their children.

Our program is unique and effective.  We drive these busses to distant neighborhoods in order to expand our presence and reach the people we need to minister to. Kids just love the COW and we do too!



The Gang Prevention Program

Unfortunately, there is a heavy gang presence in the area. We have experienced personal loss to gang violence and are doing all we can to engage young boys, keeping them off the streets. By setting up peer-networks, praying and fasting for 40-day increments, we have seen a decrease in gang violence.

HOSANNA Community
Future Programming


HOSANNA Charter School

We would love to start a Charter School in the heart of Watts! Because so many kids are coming to our after school programs, coupled with the fact that parents have been asking us to start a school, we began to imagine the possibilities! We have some of the poorest educational facilities in California. We want to change that and WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you partner with us, the goal of helping inner-city children obtain a positive education will be within our reach!

HOSANNA-Covenant Ranch

Gang violence has been one of the highest in Los Angeles County and we have to take young men out of this unconventional environment, to a place where they can learn exceptional skills to improve their future. Boys would learn not only about standard educational areas of study, but also: wilderness skills, mechanic skills, construction skills, spiritual skills and more!

Click here for more information about the Hosanna-Covenant Ranch!